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New Product ~ IDLC/IDPC-45 Series (45W Plastic Housing / PCB Type Flicker Free Constant Current Output LED Driver with PFC)


MEAN WELL recently unveils two indoor LED drivers with flicker free design, the IDLC family with plastic case and the IDPC family which is PCB board type. These two families both adopt constant current output mode and with active PFC function. The first unveiled 45W IDLC-45 and IDPC-45 series are completely available to fulfill the intense demands for LED driver which characterize the flicker free design from the indoor LED lighting market.


In order to meet the design and the installation requirements of the indoor luminaires, these two series adopt co-design work that the differences are merely in the appearance and the mechanism. They have the same electrical specifications and unveil both plastic case type and PCB board type simultaneously. IDLC and IDPC series both accept 90~295VAC full range input, providing various models with 350mA/500mA/700mA/1050mA/1400mA constant current output and the highest working efficiency up to 86%. They are compliant with UL8750, ENEC EN61347-1,-2-13 and GB19510.1,.14 international safety regulations of LED lighting. The standard product has a built-in 2 in 1 dimming function (12V/50mA auxiliary output are also offered) that the LED luminaire system designers can take advantage of higher flexibility while planning the layout. These two series are very suitable to be applied to the indoor LED luminaires requiring flicker free and low power consumption, such as LED panel lighting and LED flood lighting.


Ÿ   90~295VAC full range input

Ÿ   Flicker free design

Ÿ   Class II design, no F.G.

Ÿ   Built-in active PFC function

Ÿ   Built-in 2 in 1 dimming function (0~10VDC or PWM signal)

Ÿ   Built-in 12V/50mA auxiliary output (A-Type)

Ÿ   No load power consumption: Blank-Type < 0.5W, A-Type <1.2W

Ÿ   Protections: Short circuit

Ÿ   Working temperature—IDLC:-20~+85℃(Tcase), IDPC:-20~+40℃(Ta)

Ÿ   Comply with UL/CUL/ENEC/CB/CCC/CE

Ÿ   Dimension (L x W x H)—IDLC: 120 x 75 x 25 mm,IDPC: 120 x 66.5 x 25 mm

Ÿ   3 years warranty

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